Little wins!

In a group I’m in run by a brilliant lady carnivore functional medicine doc, the saying is that if you’re hungry a few hours after you’ve eaten your meal, eat more fat. Since I’ve been giving into cravings fairly easily these last few days (happens to also be around my period), I’ve taken to eating fried chunks of pastured beef fat again.

It probably sounds mortifying to most everyone but it’s so freaking delicious! I remember sneaking the fried chicken skin or fatty bits of steak…those are the best parts! Yesterday I especially made a point to eat some fat chunks with my breakfast and then I brought an air fried ribeye for dinner at work.

Happy to say: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Other than coffee with heavy whipping cream and some pink salt, I managed to stay satiated all day and all night at work. Not only that, but there is always a ton of candy AND some Panera sweets in my department but I resisted!

I know that it would have made me feel worse, physically and emotionally, and it’ll make me feel even more discouraged. All for just a few minutes of “mouth pleasure” (no, not *that* kind).

I’m rather proud of myself and was rewarded with a plate full of bacon in bed! I’m choosing to nourish my body and mind with animal foods because they are so nutrient rich, full of protein and fats, the building blocks of our bodies.

Funny how there are essential amino acids (protein) and essential fatty acids, but no essential carbs. And yet our food pyramid is full of the latter.

Anyway, tonight/this morning was a little win for me, and I’m choosing to see it as such. Undoing decades of a certain habit will take time. I can’t expect myself to be able to make and keep new habits in a few weeks or months…or even a year.

This is a reminder to be gentle with myself.